Technology Marketing Communications & PR


It's an election year and the stock market is doing well, but companies are still cautious about spending. They're using their public relations, social media, and other marketing communications (marcom) efforts to engage audiences, create market awareness, build brands, and of course increase sales/revenues.


Profitability, experience, the ability to listen to your customers, and a newsworthy story are essential to long-term success. So is selecting the right professionals to convey your message. Too many agencies still "take the money and run," with no regard for the actual journalistic value of a client's products or services.


TechMarcom is a public relations firm with a different business model. We won't waste the media's time with hollow hype and marketing buzzwords, and we won't waste your money. We don't play the usual agency game of having the senior "players" dazzle you with a sales pitch, only to have the work done by junior staffers with limited business and life experience.

Are you paying for results or the view from your agency's lobby? TechMarcom's common sense, value-added PR and marcom delivers results while eliminating the outdated inefficiencies of "downtown" agencies. We'll service your account with seasoned professionals, without the needless overhead of an invisible CEO that hasn't contacted a reporter on a client's behalf in years!